More Speculation


A couple character sketches for ya:


This is what I would look like if I turned into an evil Squidward demon. I think bad clarinet is the new metal and I can use the sound of my bad clarinet to paralyze the minds of the weak. It also might shoot lasers, but it’s certainly a sturdy club. This is for something, I’m not just a lunatic.


This is another major character in our budding kung fu cartoon. Harold is determined to reach the full potential of his powers, and takes his training very seriously, so he wears this outfit everywhere he goes. This nerd is such a badass.

I’m doing a lot of speculating on other kinds of projects I could do. While this new blog is a fun new thing I do, I might branch into the realm of video blogging. That way I can get my wordier thoughts out to people with my kind of attention span (while sewing in some laughs). As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather fly better than birds of fur.” It’s more aerodynamic.

I’m gradually building a web of websites to which you can find me. I already have my website GeorgeWagnerArt, my sort of town square where it shows every direction in the world of George you can go, and that will get periodic updates to be nicer every aspect I can figure. On there you can find links to my small Vimeo gallery of animations, this blog, and my soon to be more active SoundCloud page – alias Dendrex. I have a bunch of sweet music to start recording, the first of which being an acoustic album (just me and my twelve string guitar singing about dreams and stuff). I used to be an active nerdling on DeviantArt and Newgrounds as “Bit-Master,” both of which you’ll see a Sonic fanboy that got bored with that malarky (but for now these are the only places my old Sonic Shorts are). That transitioned into a (maybe) less exciting training period in college, where I learned stuff but didn’t produce much that I liked to look at. Being that I don’t want to keep that attitude in art for the rest of my life, I now wander around in speculation. A little history for that biographical novel you’re working on.

What does the world hold for the aimless wanderer?

The world holds the air. Thank goodness that’s still here.


The calm after the fireworks display


The cool part’s over. Now we’re starting our regular shop routine. From here on the place is basically the same, but you’ll see a gradual change in the stuff I have here (until the owner makes a drastic slip and the business is crippled from the ankles up). At least I could wiggle my toes whenever I’m bored.

I wish not to spill too much detail right away, but a couple friends I met in college have been writing for a show about kung fu and comedy, but it goes a lot deeper than that. There will be dialog with much punnery (a made up word for lots of punitude, which is also a word I made up, as you could tell by the fact that they’re not real words) and fight scenes. I gathered a couple local friends for the animation team, and that’s as far as it’s gone so far… We have a number of main characters, but I finally sat down to do rough sketches of three of them (subject to change). There is no correlation between myself and that one character that may look like me.

George Pete Popadu

Okay, so maybe my beard does frame my beautiful, round face while I’m rocking a turban. Gotta have good looking characters for your show.

Just starting the outline for a new painting. Deciding to remake an old favorite drawing (again), hopefully this time really grasping the intensity I was aiming for.