The Great Wazu! (& WIP)


Thanks to the wonderful helping hand of fellow artist & friend Justin Patterson, I now have a few paintings hanging in The Great Wazu, a delicious deli shop in Parsippany, NJ. It’s a cozy place with walls covered in artwork by people all around. You can see my paintings surrounding two of Justin’s large paintings. His impressionist style totally suits the distant view. Underneath Justin (right) & I (the other guy) posed for a dual-selfie with our paintings.


I was also the only artist to put up an artist statement, which gives me the impression that’s something only college students do. Good thing I took it seriously, read it yourself!


They may not be the last, but these three paintings are a series representing my fears of losing my fantastic hair, and everything that might come of my life as a result. My first painting, “Cult of Sanctuary,” depicts a bald representation of myself seeking to soothe the cold void on my cranium with soulful readings under a warm candlelight. “The Omen” forebodes complete annihilation of all things wonderful on my scalp and living as a blue humanoid in a cold forest. Finally, “Corporate Casual” shows my deep fear of having no direction from my lack of hair, and resorting to people pleasing and big business to consider my life fulfilled. Though today I may splendor in the blessing that is, the potential to lose it reminds me to savor every moment (to which I remember).


(Here’s a recap of those paintings)

Cult of Sanctuary


16″x12″ Acrylic

Corporate Casual

Underneath my statement I planted a little stand with business cards! (you can tell which painting is my favorite)


I feel like such an aspiring entrepreneurial artist-man.

Everyone else put their cellphone numbers, which I was hesitant about. Telephone communication is rather off-putting to me, it’s rather dividing from where you presently are to talk to someone way over somewhere else. I also have instinctual apprehension because the internet is like the world-wide billboard (though a sandwich shop isn’t quite the same). At least when you’re reading, you’re reading something right there. BUT I’ll totally talk to you if it’s necessary. Shoot me an email, we’ll talk. We all make sacrifices in life, that is one of mine!


I took a break from that animation to make some more progress on this fine, lovely…





Hello, You Busy Bees


If your lives are any similar, there’s been much to do in the recent past. I have merely works in progress to share with you this time ’round. I wish I had more.

Only part of the scene

Only part of the scene

FredStock! Here’s a black holed sun in space. Not going for fancy animation, but I want the pieces to look pretty. I have a little more than this drawn, but this makes a nice picture.

And this thing is coming along. I need to spend more time looking at it and tenderly giving it the attention it deserves. Though there are other priorities, I also can’t just rush through it. The point isn’t to just have a painting, you need to savor every moment of it. The results can be glorious, but you need to seep into every moment leading up to that climactic finish. Great things are built with great energy. Immerse yourself in your passion.





Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some things to do…

Storyboard Panels


For that short animation, basically getting the events laid out. There’s a train, it flies into space. Flying records around (and other things). It lands on a giant guitar (strings as tracks), and stops at a station. People get up and start running down. There’s a black hole sun and a stage at the end. Famous dude gives a monolog. These folks suddenly lose interest in their alcoholism (we’re still in space, now). Then it all gets sucked into the black hole and it ends with a logo for the music show.

12 3 4 5 6 7

So yeah.

Progress, Proposal, and Rebirth (of chalk doodles)


Added to that thing.






That’s a hot fire person. (24″x12″)

In other news, I recently agreed to help out some people back in Fredonia with a short animation with a train, a giant guitar, and outer space and cool stuff as an intro thing for the upcoming music festival. ‘Round 15-30 seconds. I’ll spill more as I make it.

Finally, I squeezed in some time to grind some chalk on that flat rock on the wall by the toilets.


You cannot kill what refuses to die.

But you can ask it favors.


Had fun on a slow Tuesday morning. (Boss got new chalk. THE POTENTIAL….)

So there you have it, I can also do bubble letters.

I don’t know what I’m painting


I had paint that survived since the last painting, but I didn’t know what to paint, so I just painted that paint on a pre-painted white canvas and now it’s kind of a painting. Well, it is a painting, but it needs more paint. What a pane.



Totally been finessing some fantastic acoustic jams. Totally believe that I’m actually doing that. It’s totally worth the its time. I totally plan on totally recording each and every one, and they’re all totally absolutely completely fully written – mostly.

More Speculation


A couple character sketches for ya:


This is what I would look like if I turned into an evil Squidward demon. I think bad clarinet is the new metal and I can use the sound of my bad clarinet to paralyze the minds of the weak. It also might shoot lasers, but it’s certainly a sturdy club. This is for something, I’m not just a lunatic.


This is another major character in our budding kung fu cartoon. Harold is determined to reach the full potential of his powers, and takes his training very seriously, so he wears this outfit everywhere he goes. This nerd is such a badass.

I’m doing a lot of speculating on other kinds of projects I could do. While this new blog is a fun new thing I do, I might branch into the realm of video blogging. That way I can get my wordier thoughts out to people with my kind of attention span (while sewing in some laughs). As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather fly better than birds of fur.” It’s more aerodynamic.

I’m gradually building a web of websites to which you can find me. I already have my website GeorgeWagnerArt, my sort of town square where it shows every direction in the world of George you can go, and that will get periodic updates to be nicer every aspect I can figure. On there you can find links to my small Vimeo gallery of animations, this blog, and my soon to be more active SoundCloud page – alias Dendrex. I have a bunch of sweet music to start recording, the first of which being an acoustic album (just me and my twelve string guitar singing about dreams and stuff). I used to be an active nerdling on DeviantArt and Newgrounds as “Bit-Master,” both of which you’ll see a Sonic fanboy that got bored with that malarky (but for now these are the only places my old Sonic Shorts are). That transitioned into a (maybe) less exciting training period in college, where I learned stuff but didn’t produce much that I liked to look at. Being that I don’t want to keep that attitude in art for the rest of my life, I now wander around in speculation. A little history for that biographical novel you’re working on.

What does the world hold for the aimless wanderer?

The world holds the air. Thank goodness that’s still here.